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Skin Cancer & Acne Treatment in Covina, California

Offering more than just a diagnosis, Boston Dermatology in Covina, California, provides skin cancer and acne treatment that is proven effective. Dr. Jaffer and his staff are committed to providing you with excellence in patient care, as we provide nearly any type of dermatology service you require.
Saeed N. Jaffer, M.D., Acne Treatment in Covina, CA

Treating Your Acne

Although most teenagers experience some form of acne, adults in their 20's to their 40's can also develop acne breakouts. Control of acne is an ongoing process, as we help you treat your acne by preventing new breakouts and allowing existing blemishes to heal. Your treatments will vary according to the type of acne you suffer from.

Treating Skin Cancer

Fair-skinned individuals who have experienced significant sun exposure throughout their lives are especially susceptible to skin cancer. Let us detect and treat the small, scaly spots that are considered to be the earliest stage of development in skin cancer with freezing, chemical peeling, laser surgery, dermabrasion, or lotions.
Serious skin cancer may appear in the form of a small, dome-shaped bump in a pearly white color, a red, scaly patch, or a pimple-like growth that heals and reappears repeatedly. Schedule an appointment with us right away if you have a sore that fits either of these descriptions. With inspection and testing, we will quickly initiate a basal or squamous cell cancer treatment if necessary.

Treating All Your Skin Issues

With proper treatment from our dermatological experts, your skin conditions will heal and improve. Psoriasis and Eczema are common skin problems, resulting in an often red, scaly, and itchy skin rash. These conditions occur at any age and may require different types of treatments, according to your symptoms and personal needs.
Boston Dermatology, Skin Cancer Treatment in Covina, CA
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